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Chris entered the securities business in 1963 and formed his own investment firm in 1970. He has been continuously involved as CEO or Chairman of Christopher Weil & Company, Inc. (or its affiliates) since its founding and is one of four current Investor-Manager-Advisors. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board. Chris is a Registered Investment Advisor Representative.

Chris is a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles, serves on the Audit Committee of the Jacobs Family Foundation/Jacobs Center for Community Innovation and is a trustee of the UCSD Foundation. He has been active on a number of for-profit and non-profit boards for many years. He lives in Del Mar, California with his wife, Pat. They have three children (all of whom, and one son-in-law, work for Christopher Weil & Company, Inc.) and five grandchildren.


Christopher Weil